Audio-text Synchronization

Speed up with Lyrical

Push out faster lyric videos or synced lyrics support for your fans with accuracy and scale.

Artificial Intelligence

Use our tuned Artificial Intelligence to sync songs with their respective lyrics. You can choose how your lyrics are synced from single, double, or custom lines. We support a variety of genres and provide different formats to output.

“Lyrical has been highly beneficial in creating my lyric videos for my 5+ channels. Having the ability to make multiple videos simultaneously extremely quickly has saved me tons of time; it is easy and user-friendly. I highly recommended Lyrical for any music video creator needing synced lyrics.”

Jayden Asselstine, GoldCoastMusic
Custom Sync Interface

Presynced Lyrics

Need fast synced lyrics to popular songs? We can help you with our massive 7.90 Million collection of presynced lyrics. Search, modify, and download. Use our library for anything from lyric videos to karaoke night!

Presynced Interface

Designed for scale and speed.

Fast syncs to build lyrics video at scale. No more boring hours of syncing lyrics by hand.

Presynced Lyrics
7.90 Million
on our Custom Synced
60K Minutes
Views using Lyrical
100 Million

Pricing Plans

Fair pricing to match your needs. No hidden fees.


Starts at $10/month + $2 per minute of use

$10 /mo

+ $2/minute

Buy Basic

What's included

  • Access to our Presynced Lyrics API
  • Access to our Custom Sync API


Starts at $30/month + $1.6 per minute of use

$30 /mo

+ $1.6/minute

Buy Freelancer

What's included

  • All Basic features
  • First class Customer Support
  • Lyrics Template Migration Support


Starts at $50/month + $1.4 per minute of use

$50 /mo

+ $1.4/minute

Buy Startup

What's included

  • All Freelancer features
  • Half off on Presynced Lyrics ($0.7 a minute)


Starts at $90/month + $1.2 per minute of use

$90 /mo

+ $1.2/minute

Buy Enterprise

What's included

  • All Startup features
  • Unlimited Presynced Lyrics at no additional cost

* The monthly fee is charged regardless of usage. Based on how many minutes you use, you will be charged the rate for that amount. For example, 10 songs at 3 minutes at $2.00 per minute with $10/month on the Basic Plan will be $70.00.
* There will be a price calculator during checkout to help you choose the best pricing.
* Please reach out for free trials or massive orders.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Email us here

Does this work with Adobe After Effects?
Absolutely. Reach out for the SRT importer plugin and after that you can import the lyrics as seperate layers in your project. You can then use Animation Composer to add animations to each layer automatically.
How accurate is the syncing?
Our Presynced Lyrics are 99% accurate and our Custom Sync is around 95% accurate. There will always be some outliers that the custom sync doesn't catch, but reach out to us and we will offer a refund for those syncs.
My Lyrics Videos require two lines, does Lyrical support this?
Yes, all the syncs support 1, 2, and 4 lines. Our Custom Sync even supports custom line segmenting.
Do you have a refund policy?
Yup, reach out to us and we will offer a refund for any syncs that don't meet our standards.
Do you have a refferal program?
Yes, we have a refferal program. Reach out to us and we will offer you a discount on your plan or even payment.

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